Domestic Violence

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domestic-violenceHe beat me again today. A lot. It’s just getting worse.

He seems to be doing something in the basement lately. He’s down there all the time. He doesn’t want me to see what he is doing. I’m scared.

Jessica closed the diary. Held it to her chest. She felt that for the first time in a long time she had a friend. A friend that understood her.

I’m home! She heard from upstairs. She ran up. She’d better not keep him waiting.

Where’s my food? He said. He seemed angry. Smelled of licker.

Oh, honey, I’m sorry. I haven’t had the time! She said, trying to explain.

Hadn’t had the time? He looked at her with a sceptical look. I bet you haven’t, you fucking whore… He turned the TV on, sat down at the table. What are you waiting for?

She hadn’t been out of the house…

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