The Old Dress

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The Dress Aak fictionspawn

It was getting dark, and rain was in the air. Jeffrey didn’t want to sleep outside tonight, not at all. He kept walking, the road going straight as far as his eyes could see.

He saw a small path going into the forest. Maybe he’d have a better chance of finding shelter there. He walked for quite a while. Deep into the woods he found a cabin. The windows were dark, and the cabin worn. Looked around. The porch had a small roof, but he would still be wet. He searched the door. The window.

He found a key.

Inside the cabin was furnished with old, wooden furniture. A couch, a couple of wooden chairs. A table. A big fireplace in one corner. There was a bed in the other room.

He fell asleep listening to the silent tapping of the rain on the roof. The bed was comfortable, and…

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